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You’ve found your way to Bridget and her Your Inspired Story team because you know the truth:

Writing a powerful book changes the world one reader at a time.

Let’s Get Honest About the Writer’s Struggle  

  Are you worried about getting stuck from
the intense emotion of your story or
getting the toughest parts out on paper?  

Is your life crazy-busy and you struggle to fit writing into your schedule?

Are you in need of additional support, especially from successful and aspiring fellow-writers?  

There’s so much more detail and nuance for querying people in the publishing world than you expected. How do you apply what you’ve learned to the specific needs of your book?

Do you struggle with finding honorable and trustworthy publishers, editors, agents, and publicists to help launch your story into the world?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Imagine this now. . .

Your book has helped you own your power as an Influencer.
You just started a Movement. . .

Your immediate credibility opens doors into high-profile opportunities: speaking, media interviews, and more.

You successfully organize your busy life so that writing fits appropriately into your schedule --
AND you Get. Stuff. Done!

You receive professional mentoring from a New York Times Bestselling author and book coach when you need it, especially during those tricky, messy sections of your story.

You have the Book-Whisperer and a professional editor at your side to review your manuscripts and add that touch of polish that will WOW agents and publishers.

Imagine your story impacting, educating, motivating, entertaining and inspiring readers everywhere.
And that feels SO GOOD!

Bridget has unleashed her entire, powerful "Your Inspired Story" system of programs to get you writing, polishing, pitching, publishing, and launching your story to acclaim and impact in months instead of years!

I'm Ready!

AND we add crucial accountability and FUN to your authorship journey.

As a Book-Whisperer, Bridget has the intuitive knack of arranging a story to create riveting tales and maximum impact on your reader. 

Hannah, a Level III Author and exacting editor, brings her Professional Polish to your manuscript. 

 And you have your group:

Friendly and supportive accountability buddies who pick-you up when you're feeling down and celebrate your successes with streamers and party hats!

Bridget Cook-Burch is a New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, mentor, transformational speaker, and passionate humanitarian. She helps you negotiate the often overwhelming and confusing world of writing, publishing and launching and loves to help you discover the absolute importance of your own story – and use your story to change the world!

Best known for her riveting tales of transformation, Bridget's powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Dateline, The History Channel, NPR and in People, as well as translated in several languages.

Bridget’s New York Times Bestseller "The Witness Wore Red" tells the astonishing life story of Rebecca Musser, whose testimony brought down the insidious organized crime ring of the FLDS church. Bridget also wrote national bestselling "Shattered Silence, the Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter" with Melissa G. Moore, and "Skinhead Confessions: From Hate to Hope" with former neo-Nazi TJ Leyden.  

Her personal stories have been showcased in "Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life"; and also "Living Proof" with Lisa Nichols from "The Secret."

As your guide to Your Inspired Story, she teaches and trains people just like you to become leaders, speakers and authors full-time, using many of the lessons she’s learned in business leadership, in global nonprofit women’s leadership, and in writing and publishing.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller  

Bridget, let's do this!

How we help you take your book project to the next level:

Mentorship Group Coaching in 8 Power Sessions 

Once a week for 8, powerful weeks (generally in the evening), your group meets in a virtual classroom. You'll get instruction, motivation, and watch your homework transform before your eyes! Designed to make you an AUTHOR, not just a writer, this program sets you up for success as you prepare to publish.  

One PRIVATE Fast-Track with Bridget! 

The Your Inspired Story method has helped numerous authors succeed with their stories, their pitching, their marketing, publishing, and launching. In addition to providing a one-on-one experience to help craft your story and goals for your mighty message, Bridget opens up her massively growing rolodex of experts to get you connected!  

Access to Incredible Speakers, Authors, Agents, & Editors 

Spend dinner with us! As an Inspired Writer, you can return for a keynote dinner with a friend to hear the best-of-the-best – agents, authors, marketers, financial masters and more. Each guest speaker will help you to understand more about your own book and the opportunities for you out there.

Level II Retreats 

You’ve experienced the caliber of the Inspired Writers Retreat! Come back at a significant discount for returning authors. Get more one-on-one time with Bridget, collaborate with other authors, receive Level II curriculum based on your needs, enjoy the delicious food, sumptuous lodging, and critical time to WRITE! Plus more.  

Master Mentors’ Collaborations 

It just keeps getting better!  

Master Mentors can serve at Inspired Writers Retreats and continue to the highest level training. They have the opportunity to meet and break bread with celebs and famous authors, as well as pitch directly to agents and editors. You'll also be able to pitch your signature story at our public events! Bridget and many other authors will also extend hands of collaboration and support.  

Watch out world! You’re about to make your debut! 

“I had never been so stuck, stuck, stuck! Can I just say it sucked? And yet, after one hour with Bridget, it was like my manuscript came back to life. I remembered why I was writing in the first place, who my message was for, and especially what I wanted to say. After working with this extraordinary woman, I finally knew how to say it!  

Thank you, Bridget! Can I call you my Miracle Worker?”  

~ Dan Eastman Jr., Boulder, CO

($7,200 Value)

*NOTE: pricing will increase in 2023

See Payment Options
  • One 90-minute Private Book Mentoring Session: Create your Table of Contents and Chapter Summaries
  • 8 full weeks of Mentorship Group Coaching sessions - 1-hour laser-mentoring & teaching sessions
  • 8 weeks Co-Create Group with intensive content and homework on your manuscript
  • One-hour Private Strategy Fast-track: Follow-up & Roadmap for completion of writing/publishing track.
  • AuthorAMPLIFIED! Weekend digital bootcamp to build your platform and formulate your marketing!
  • Eligible to apply to Inspired Legacy Publishing, Bridget's professional publishing house.

Bridget’s Mentorship Program is the best money our family ever invested! (My husband even agrees.)

Bridget is a heart and soul coach. When you work with her as a writer, you can count on her to listen compassionately, attentively, and with a keen ear to your needs, passions, and intentions. 

In the program she offers some amazing WICKED TOOLS to assist you in breaking the writing process down into smaller manageable parts so that writing your book feels doable and even delightful. Writers can change the world, and Bridget is there each step of the way to assist you in making the process easier and to cheer you on!"

 ~ Marie Wallace  

"Bridget has the extraordinary gift of seeing the little threads that create the juiciest elements of our story. Not even halfway through our program, she has already surpassed every expectation!"

~Kerri Mossman

Coaching, Boot Camps, and Collaborations. Oh my!

You will Learn to Master the Art and Skills of Successful Writing, Polishing, Pitching, Publishing & Launching Your Book!

  • How to write your full outline for your book 
  • How to create “Power Chapters” for readers and proposals 
  • How to (re)write the very best draft for agents & publishers 
  • How to design the best pitch and proposal, based on your genre 
  • How to seek out the “competition” for learning processes 
  • How to develop and design a platform that meets your own needs  
  • Build lasting connections with Bridget and your fellow mentorship collaborators. Just think of them as your personal cheerleaders!
  • How to connect to other writers, coaches, and speakers that will assist you. 
  • How to find different programs and events that will accelerate your progress and best serve you in your work. 


  What experience do I need to have to participate? No experience necessary, and all are welcome to attend: aspiring, published, or hobbyist. We cater to beginners through advanced writers. Our course concentrates on becoming published authors and launching your career in a remarkable way. However, hobbyists will receive so much value for their journey—and will be so greatly informed if you ever decide to take your hobby into the pro realm! Anyone can write, and we help you take what skills you have and awaken the writer within.  

What if I only have an idea and not a full book outline yet? Perfect! We work on that here – your beginning, your ending, and sorting out all of the mess in the middle.  

What if I am almost through with my manuscript? Perfect! We have had authors who were so grateful they participated in this program before they published. Their feedback has been that their books have become deeper, juicier, and much more powerful than they would have been—plus they learned how specifically they wanted to publish and how to get there.  

How long is each weekly coaching call? Each call will be 90 minutes long, so please block that time in your calendar accordingly. These are fast-moving sessions so you'll benefit from reviewing our session recordings.

How much time do I need to dedicate weekly to take care of homework? Approximately four to five hours a week should be sufficient.  

What if I have no clue how I’m going to publish? Perfect again! We stay up on all of the latest trends so you know exactly which directions you can go. You will have your own preference for that decision based on you, your book, your needs, your career, and your desires.  

Where do your writers come from? All over the world. We’ve had people from all across the U.S. join us, and every program we’re getting more and more folks from outside the U.S. and Canada!  

I live outside the United States. How do I participate in the Pitch Perfect Bootcamp and the Finish Your Manuscript Bootcamp? Once a year, Bridget will schedule a weekend of intensive, online participation. She will ensure that it is a weekend that suits your schedule.  

I understand your specialty is non-fiction. What if my book is fiction? Ooh, good question. First, there is some really intensive work we do on you as a writer, regardless of the genre. Second of all, we have special modules for our imaginative fiction authors to enhance your storytelling capabilities, characterization, plot, etc. You are so welcome to join us! We will all love to be inspired by you, as well as inspire you to create your best.  

What kind of payment options do you have? We offer payment plans with 3 or 5 payments. Choose which one best suits your needs. See payment page for specific details.  

What is your refund policy? Honestly, this is such an infrequent occurrence for us! We rarely deal with this question. However if, within 30 days of your beginning date of the program, you find that it is not the right fit for you, I will refund the remainder of your payments minus the amount of services already utilized.  


“Stories transform people, move people, inspire people, and sometimes save people. If there is a story inside of you that can do that for someone, I really would encourage you to talk to Bridget . . . It just might change everything. It did for me.” 

~ Heidi Totten, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Join me and my team to finish what you started, in less time and with more ease, grace, and celebration.

It really can be a joyful journey!

It's time to finish your book.